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Mexican Street Corn – Elote

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but if you are from (in or around) the Greater Orlando area, you have (or better have!) heard of and only purchase Zellwood corn.  Oh My Gawd, it is the sweetest BEST tasting corn on the face of the earth… well, at least to my knowledge. […]

Honey Mesquite Deli Turkey Meat

Confessional time.  Feel free to ignore my rants and ramblings, just look at the pretty pictures, and simply print out the recipe provided below.  I won’t mind.  1/4th Half of the time I wish I could ignore myself.  However, I do have a disclaimer at the top of each post on this site clearly stating […]

Crispy Smashed Potato Bites with a Duo of Dips

These smashed, golden, crispy little bites of deliciousness are nothing I created or conjured up with my culinary imagination.  Sorry, I did not recreate the wheel with these, as they have been popping up all over the internet. As a fan of the potato, especially one with a crispy exterior, I decided making them for […]

Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho & Shrimp Shooters

First, let me say these Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho and Shrimp Shooters are the cat’s meow (Meeeee-owwwwww!).  Not only do they taste fantastic (perfect for a sunday brunch!), they are also visually stunning.  And easy to shoot eat!  This also makes them a ‘lil dangerous, because before you know it you will have downed a […]

BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquitos

Boy has very odd eating habits.  He will become obsessed with one food and eat it at almost every meal for a couple months straight.  Currently his food focus, for breakfast, lunch and 3 out of 7 dinners, is on bacon-egg-cheese biscuit breakfast sandwiches… this is coming straight off a sausage-egg-cheese croissant breakfast sandwich bender. […]

Classic BBQ Sauce

Hi ya’ll!  No rants or ramblings today. Just a very quick post, short and sweet, because I realized I forgot to include the BBQ sauce I served with the Rotisserie Chicken I just posted.  I swear it is the blonde hair, it’s always causing me to have brain farts. The BBQ sauce for serving, is […]

Oven Roasted Rotisserie-Style Chicken

This blog content is LONG overdue.  I wrote this out, saved it and just kept skipping over it because some topic acquired my attention and made me want to rant on and on.  Or because, I never thought this specific topic applied to the recipe, to be posted, at hand. Truth be told… that illogical […]

Egg White Gravlax Roulade

This is the last post in the Gravlax series.  Also one I was really excited to experiment with when I was conjuring up recipe ideas for the cured salmon. Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal… I could have it for all three meals, 365 days a year, and be perfectly content. Every weekend Boy and […]

Lox ‘n Bagel Sandwich

The series on Gravlax continues with these ‘Lox ‘n Bagel Sammies.  This post is more of a serving suggestion, rather than a recipe, per say.  These make for a great ‘anytime’ meal.  Start your day off right by having one for breakfast.  Refuel your energy and scarf one down for lunch.  Or, throw one together […]