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Crispy Smashed Potato Bites with a Duo of Dips

These smashed, golden, crispy little bites of deliciousness are nothing I created or conjured up with my culinary imagination.  Sorry, I did not recreate the wheel with these, as they have been popping up all over the internet. As a fan of the potato, especially one with a crispy exterior, I decided making them for […]

Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho & Shrimp Shooters

First, let me say these Spicy Bloody Mary Gazpacho and Shrimp Shooters are the cat’s meow (Meeeee-owwwwww!).  Not only do they taste fantastic (perfect for a sunday brunch!), they are also visually stunning.  And easy to shoot eat!  This also makes them a ‘lil dangerous, because before you know it you will have downed a […]

BBQ Chicken Bacon Ranch Taquitos

Boy has very odd eating habits.  He will become obsessed with one food and eat it at almost every meal for a couple months straight.  Currently his food focus, for breakfast, lunch and 3 out of 7 dinners, is on bacon-egg-cheese biscuit breakfast sandwiches… this is coming straight off a sausage-egg-cheese croissant breakfast sandwich bender. […]

Classic BBQ Sauce

Hi ya’ll!  No rants or ramblings today. Just a very quick post, short and sweet, because I realized I forgot to include the BBQ sauce I served with the Rotisserie Chicken I just posted.  I swear it is the blonde hair, it’s always causing me to have brain farts. The BBQ sauce for serving, is […]

Oven Roasted Rotisserie-Style Chicken

This blog content is LONG overdue.  I wrote this out, saved it and just kept skipping over it because some topic acquired my attention and made me want to rant on and on.  Or because, I never thought this specific topic applied to the recipe, to be posted, at hand. Truth be told… that illogical […]

Lox ‘n Bagel Sandwich

The series on Gravlax continues with these ‘Lox ‘n Bagel Sammies.  This post is more of a serving suggestion, rather than a recipe, per say.  These make for a great ‘anytime’ meal.  Start your day off right by having one for breakfast.  Refuel your energy and scarf one down for lunch.  Or, throw one together […]

Candied Walnuts

I want to start this post by apologizing to you all!  I did not realize until yesterday, that I never posted the recipe for these delectable candied walnuts.  I included the recipe for them in the Blackened Scallop Salad I posted a few weeks back.  However, I removed that portion of the recipe, because I […]

Jalapeno Popper Hummus

I love chick peas.  My Mother and Boy detest them; my best friend is “not a huge fan”.  Suits me just fine, more for ME!  I do not really understand what exactly about this wonderful, protein packed, little gem of smooth, creamy deliciousness puts them off.  Anyone?  Help me understand this… feel free to just […]