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Banana & Honey Cereal Breakfast Popsicles
Prep Time
10 mins
Total Time
10 mins

Treat yourself to creamy, dreamy popsicles for breakfast! Filled with bananas, cereal, honey, Greek yogurt and milk, these popsicles are perfect for a morning treat!

Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: banana, breakfast, cereal, Easy, Greek yogurt, Healthy, honey, milk, popsicles, quick, snack, yogurt
Servings: 10
Calories: 97 kcal
Author: Cheyanne Holzworth
  • 1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt (full fat)*
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 2 TBS Honey *
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 Cup Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal *
  • 2 small Bananas – thinly sliced
  1. In a large bowl, or blender, mix together the yogurt, milk, honey and cinnamon. Add in the cereal and stir until just combined.
  2. Pour a little bit of the cereal milk mixture into each mold. Drop in a few slices of bananas and then repeat with cereal milk and bananas until molds are full. Gently tap the molds on the counter to help mixture settle.
  3. Place molds in the freezer and freeze for 1 hour. Remove and insert wooden sticks. Place back in the freezer and freeze overnight.
  4. Remove popsicles from mold and enjoy. If you have a hard time removing the popsicles, run the mold under warm water for 10 seconds or so.
Recipe Notes

*You can substitute flavored Greek yogurt for plain, just make sure you are using full fat yogurt
*You can use more or less honey, just adjust according to taste.
*You can substitute granola for the cereal or any other cereal of choice, just make sure it is a crunchy cereal.