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Hello!!! I’m Cheyanne Holzworth-Bany.

I am the girl behind the camera lens and blogger at No Spoon Necessary.


My Mother & I

I am a doting wife and loving mother of two fur babies. 
I’m also an avid foodie who is willing to eat anything once (*see addendum to this statement).  This was not the case 10 years ago.  I was a pescatarian for over a decade, right up until I decided to follow my passion for food (and the crazy) and attend culinary school.  
At Le Cordon Bleu they FORCED me to eat poultry, meat, pork, snail, frog… if it walks or crawls this earth, I had to try it.  I huffed and puffed (read: I whined and complained non-stop), but they blew my stubborn little house down (read: they said eat this now or get out).  And, truth be told, I LOVED it, ALL of it.  
I now count duck confit, frogs legs, and chicken liver as some of my favorite foods.  
And, I will not be bothered with a steak cooked beyond rare… in fact, the bloodier the better!
mom & I
My hobbies, aside from cooking and baking, include relaxing with Boy and my two girls, going to the beach (although I’m terrified of the ocean), reading a good book, and working out
My last meal, hands down, would be sushi, fried calamari, and a classic Caesar salad (with anchovies and a Parmesan crisp or two).
 My last meal, hands down, would be sushi, fried calamari, and a classic Caesar salad (with anchovies and a Parmesan crisp or two).

My oldest daughter, Lucy Lu Lu aka

I started this blog because honestly, there is nothing I would rather do than be in the kitchen.  
I have always loved sharing my passion for food, experiencing new cuisine and recipes, whether it be a success or failure, with others.  
I know some people are recipe hoarders and they do not want to share their family recipe of generations or their secret ingredients with others.  Well, that is just NOT me.  
I think if you have discovered a good thing and you are proud of it, share it!  If you have discovered a recipe fail, share that as well, so others do not make the same mistakes.


Basically, my philosophy is, if you aren’t having fun in the kitchen, you are doing something wrong.
Go pour yourself a glass of Vino (like my idol says “a little for me, a little for the pot”) and ENJOY cooking.  
Most people’s biggest mistake when they say they “can’t cook”, is they are taking themselves too seriously.  Sure you can cook!  A monkey could cook if he tried.  
Maybe you aren’t going to win a James Beard award or be an Executive Chef anytime soon.
Maybe you will set a pan or two ablaze, burn the tar-nations out of a chicken, or over boil a pot of water creating a small geyser.  
But, You.  Can.  Cook.  
I encourage you to try new cooking techniques, laugh at yourself and your kitchen mishaps, but most of all – HAVE FUN!

me & lu

To sum it up, I started this blog in hopes to encourage people to get in the kitchen and to share my experiences, all of them, the good, the bad, and the burnt ugly.
Thank you so much for stopping by!!
**Addendum:  I am willing to try anything that does not involve chocolate, as I am allergic, deathly allergic.  I know, I know… shock and awe.  You are probably wondering how such a person can be trusted when it comes to food.  I beseech you to give me a chance despite this short coming****