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Policy Use of Recipes, Content and Photos

Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in using my content!

Please understand that I work very hard on all of my recipes, content and photos on this site unless otherwise noted as adapted. The majority of the recipes are originals that I have created, tested, and perfected myself to share on this site. It takes me a a great amount of time to create and shop for each recipe; as well as, prep the food, cook or bake the dish, clean up after, set up and photograph them, edit the images, write the posts, share my insights and stories, and more. All images and photographs on this site are taken by myself (unless otherwise noted).

Everything you see on this site (No Spoon Necessary) is copyrighted and owned by me, Cheyanne Holzworth, the owner of this site. If you steal my content, I will take further action – and have done so in the past.

However, please feel free to use my images and content as long as you can adhere to my policy as outlined below. If you follow my policy, there is no need to contact me to request permission!


1. You can use one photo per recipe. For each photo, link back to the recipe on my site.

2. OR for each photo, reference my blog and link back to my homepage

Example: Easy Mojito Recipe – Pitcher for a Crowd by No Spoon Necessary

3. No more than 5 different recipes / photos in a single post

If you would like to share my content any other way, please contact me. Specifically, I do not give permission to share my content where the ingredients or recipe directions are provided. I will never give permission to use my photos + ingredients + directions.

Example: HuffPost had a kabob round up featuring my Garlic Rosemary Chicken Skewers with Lemon Aioli. (See link for proper recipe crediting.)