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Amaretto Peaches & Cream Chia Pudding Trifle

These Amaretto Peaches & Cream Chia Pudding Trifles are like a peach cobbler, minus all the effort, plus some amaretto.  With layers of creamy chia seed pudding; sweet, amaretto marinated peaches, honey spiked whipped cream, crushed amaretti cookies and rich caramel sauce, these trifles are the perfect creamy treat for summer! Hi friends!  What’s happening?  […]

Raspberry Gin Fizz Popsicles

These Raspberry Gin Fizz Popsicles are icy cold, refreshing, fruity and sweet with a hint of mint, a boozy gin touch, and pops of whole, fabulously fresh raspberries.  Spectacular in taste and pretty to boot, these poptails are the perfect way to celebrate summer!Hello there friends!  How was everyone’s weekend and Father’s Day? Our weekend […]

Tequila Sunrise Chicken {with Cherry-Orange Salsa}

A savory spin on a classic summer cocktail, the Tequila Sunrise, this Chicken with Cherry-Orange Salsa is succulent, sweet and the perfect summer meal! Hello there, friends!  How’s it going? I had a major uh-oh yesterday.  I accidentally hit publish on a blog post that isn’t supposed to go live until next Thursday.  So if you […]

Thai Roasted Chickpeas with Cucumber & Carrot Noodle Salad

With warm, Thai spiced, crunchy, roasted chickpeas; cool, crisp cucumber and carrot noodles, fresh veggies and a light, sweet n’ sour dressing, this salad is healthy, refreshing and perfect for summer! Well hello, friends!  How was your weekend?! I had a fantastic weekend, thank you for asking.  😉  We had so much fun in Wrightsville […]

Grilled Mojo Salmon Tostada Platter

Crunchy tostadas topped with cilantro-lime black beans and rice, grilled corn and tomato salsa, and mojo marinated and grilled salmon – this platter of Mojo Salmon Tostadas is perfect for your next summer soiree! Hi friends!  How was your first weekend of June?  I certainly hope it involved frolicking in the sun! Guess what our weekend […]

Balsamic & Honey Chicken Skewers {with Strawberry-Kiwi Salsa}

Tender, sticky balsamic and honey coated chicken skewers with fruity, sweet strawberry, kiwi and jalapeno salsa.  These sensational skewers are a perfect for Memorial Day weekend or any summer grill out! Hi-ya friends!  Happy hump day!  How has the week been treating you?  Hopefully it has been well, but in case it hasn’t, have no fear.  […]

Tzatziki Hummus

This creamy, springtime fresh hummus is a more savory, less tangy, thicker, and heartier version of tzatziki. If you like hummus and you like tzatziki, I can guarantee you will love this Tzatziki Hummus! Hi friends!  Welcome to tzatziki with a twist Thursday!  Okay, I know that’s not officially a thing, but it should be.  […]