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Southwest Buttermilk Grilled Chicken with Corn Salsa

This Southwest Buttermilk Grilled Chicken is ridiculously tender thanks to the buttermilk brine!  Topped with fresh, savory and spicy corn and poblano salsa, this dish is packed with flavor!  With only 20 minutes of prep time required, this chicken is perfect for entertaining or easy weeknight dinners! Hi-ya, friends! Do you want to hear a […]

Burrata Caprese Basil Hummus

This Burrata Caprese Basil Hummus is the perfect snack or appetizer for summer!  Silky smooth basil and garlic flavored hummus topped with rich burrata and balsamic marinated tomatoes – this flavorful hummus is a delicious dip version of the classic caprese salad. Heeeey-yooo, friends! How’s it going? Currently, on this side of the computer screen, it […]

Tex-Mex Charred Corn, Bacon & Jalapeno Pizza

Buttery, fluffy naan bread topped with smoky charred corn, crisp bacon, spicy jalapenos and two types of cheese.  This Tex-Mex Charred Corn, Bacon & Jalapeno Pizza is quick and easy, yet packed with fresh, fabulous flavor!  Hellllllllo my virtual hommies! Guess what?  Guess what!!!?? Today we are going to start the weekend celebrations early.  Hooray! […]

Apricot, Habanero & Honey Glazed Pork Tenderloin Skewers

Tender, cubed pork tenderloin slathered in a sticky, spicy, and sweet apricot, habanero and honey glaze.  These skewers are the perfect addition to your next BBQ! **This post was originally published in February 2015.  I updated the photos, however the actual written words in this post remain the same.** So, I kind of need you guys […]

Strawberry & Mango Gin and Tonic Popsicles

These Strawberry & Mango Gin and Tonic Popsicles are a tropical, frozen twist on the classic G&T!  Sweet, sour and bodaciously boozy, these poptails are the perfect way to cool off after a long, hot summer day!   Hi-ya, friends! Happy almost weekend! Today I am going to keep things relatively short… but, for good […]

Peach & Strawberry Sorbet Rosé Float

These Peach & Strawberry Sorbet Rosé Floats are a classy, adult twist on root beer floats.  With crisp, bubbly Rosé, fruity sorbet and aromatic liqueur these floats are fun, refreshing and can double as cocktails and dessert!Hi-ya friends!  How’s it going?! Before we get to celebrating #ThirstyThursday, there is something that I MUST get off my […]

Spicy Sesame Crusted Seared Tuna with Thai Zucchini Salad

Piquant, sesame crusted, pan seared Ahi tuna served over a bed of crisp zucchini noodles loaded with fresh veggies, bright herbs, and finished with a smooth Asian flavored dressing.  Ready, from prep to finish, in 20 minutes or less, this salad is perfect for lunch, dinner or summer entertaining! Hellllllllooo, friends! ⬆️ I Said that […]

Lobster & Bacon Corn Fritters {with Jalapeno-Honey Aioli}

Fluffy, crisp fritters filled with real lobster meat, salty bits of bacon and kernels of corn. Served with a Jalapeno-Honey Aioli, these fritters are fantastic!! **This post was originally published in July 2015.  I updated the photos and the recipe.  The actual written words in this post remain the same.** If you are a regular […]